Dress Code of Barcelona Cathedral

As with many places of worship, there is a dress code in place at the Barcelona Cathedral that visitors are expected to follow. This dress code is in place to show respect for the religious significance of the cathedral and to maintain a peaceful atmosphere for worshipers. Visitors to the Barcelona Cathedral are expected to dress modestly and avoid clothing that is too revealing or provocative. This includes shorts, tank tops, and clothing with offensive or inappropriate graphics or wording. Visitors are also expected to cover their shoulders and avoid wearing hats or other headwear while inside the cathedral. It's important to note that the dress code is strictly enforced at the Barcelona Cathedral, and visitors who do not comply may be denied entry. To avoid any issues, it's best to dress appropriately before arriving at the cathedral.

While the dress code may seem restrictive, it's important to remember that the Barcelona Cathedral is a place of worship and that visitors are expected to show respect for its religious significance. By dressing modestly and appropriately, visitors can ensure that they are able to fully experience the beauty and grandeur of this stunning Gothic masterpiece without causing offense to worshipers or other visitors. In general, it's a good idea to dress modestly and respectfully when visiting places of worship or other religious sites, regardless of the specific dress code in place. This shows respect for the culture and customs of the local community and helps to maintain a peaceful and respectful atmosphere for all visitors.

For Men
For Men

It is recommended for men to wear long pants or trousers. Shorts, especially those above the knee, are generally not considered appropriate. Shirts or T-shirts are acceptable, but it is advisable to avoid sleeveless tops or tank tops. It is not necessary for men to wear formal attire, but dressing modestly is encouraged.

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For Women
For Women

Women are advised to dress modestly, covering their shoulders and knees. It is preferable to wear dresses, skirts, or long pants rather than shorts or mini-skirts. Sleeveless tops or low-cut tops may be considered inappropriate, so it is recommended to wear clothing that covers the shoulders and décolletage.

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For Children
For Children

The same guidelines generally apply to children as for men and women. Parents should ensure that their children's clothing is respectful and modest. It may be helpful to bring a light jacket or shawl for children in case they need to cover their shoulders.

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For Senior Citizens
For Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are expected to follow the same dress code guidelines as other visitors, taking into consideration their comfort and mobility. It is advisable for them to dress modestly and comfortably, adhering to the guidelines for men and women.

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What You Can Wear At Barcelona Cathedral?

What You Can Wear At Barcelona Cathedral
  • Cover your shoulders: Visitors are expected to cover their shoulders while inside the cathedral. This means avoiding sleeveless shirts, tank tops, and dresses or blouses with thin straps.

  • No shorts or skirts above the knee: Visitors are expected to avoid wearing shorts or skirts that are above the knee. It's best to wear pants, jeans, or longer skirts.

  • No hats or headwear: Visitors are not allowed to wear hats, caps, or other headwear while inside the cathedral, except for religious or medical reasons.

  • Avoid clothing with offensive graphics or wording: Visitors are expected to avoid wearing clothing with offensive graphics or wording. Clothing with religious or political messaging is also best avoided.

  • Wear comfortable and appropriate footwear: The Barcelona Cathedral is a large and often crowded space, so it's important to wear comfortable footwear that is appropriate for walking on stone floors.

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  • Grab an opportunity to witness the magnificent architecture of the ancient period as you visit the renowned Cathedral of Barcelona

  • Enhance your knowledge about the historical structure designed around 150 years ago while roaming around the cathedral

  • Witness 13 geese in the Well of the Geese fountain, the symbols of Saint Eulalia's demise as you explore the fascinating Gothic cloister

  • Head towards the beautiful choir and marvel at the spectacular canopies, pinnacles, and wooden pulpit created in the 15th century

  • Visit the Sala Capitular and admire its amazing interior adorned with excellent timber seating & opulent red carpet

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Must Know Before You Go
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • Adults and children will be charged the same price.
  • Kindly ensure that you arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time of your experience to avoid any delays.
  • The cathedral is pram/stroller and wheelchair accessible. There is an accessible entrance at the cloister on Carrer del Bisbe.
  • Please dress respectfully by wearing clothes that cover your shoulders and extend to your knees or lower.
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